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Diary / Notebook


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Each separator has two (2) sides, where images could be placed. (ie. 24 images can be placed in 12 separators. 12 images in 6 separators, etc.)
Separators will be equally placed throughout the diary (eg. 12 separators will be placed as one separator at the beginning of each month, if 6 separators, then a separator will be placed at the being of every two (2) months. etc)
Please label each image as Jan-1, Jan-2, Feb-1, and Feb-2 or 1,2,3 to indicate the order in which the images are to appear on the separators
Create a compressed / zip file with all the images correctly labelled


1. Select the product as “Diary” from Product drop down
2. Next select the number of separators you want to have in your diary from Number of Separators drop down
3. Enter the number of diaries you want
4. Upload the compressed / ZIP file with all the images you want to use as separators
5. Next you can enter any instructions or comments you have regarding the order at Comments
Next enter the security code and click add to cart and follow the instructions given on the new page